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  • Peoria Scorpion Removal Service

  • In my experience scorpions are the toughest pests to get rid of in Arizona. A direct exposure to our pesticide (sprayed directly on to the scorpion) will kill a scorpion very quickly.  However, scorpions are very good at hiding. They can hide several places including under stones, in piles of rocks, in cracks in masonry, in wood piles and under the bark of trees, and in the hollows of concrete block fences.  This makes them less likely to receive a direct pesticide exposure when servicing a home. To reduce their ability to hide black lights can be used during a nighttime or dusk service.  Scorpions will glow in UV light reducing their ability to hide . This will make a them more visible and enable a more effective treatment. A black light service is one of the best ways to quickly reduce a scorpion population. I recommend this on the initial service.

    Scorpions have an exoskeleton and walk on the tips of their feet without dragging their bellies. Because of this they are not exposed to a great deal of the residual pesticides that are left behind after a service. Frequently the amount of exposure is not enough to instantly  kill them but it will make them more lethargic  and after a few days they will finally die. The residual pesticides main advantage for scorpion treatment is that it kills the other pests that are the food source for scorpions. Regularly scheduled treatments  (whether Quarterly, Every Two Months, or Monthly) will help to control  scorpions by removing their food sources (other bugs)and forcing them to move on. When dealing with a scorpion issue, Monthly or Service Every Two Months is highly recommended.

    Other Steps for deterring scorpions include:

    1) removing debris from around the home

    2) Sealing off your home by using silicone caulking, weather strips, door sweeps, and screening or mesh on vents, etc.

    3) Avoiding over watering (this can attract scorpions and their prey)

    4) Switch to yellow bulbs for exterior lighting


    Children/Special Precautions

    Because children under 6 years of age are more likely to develop severe symptoms if stung special care should be taken if you are visiting or live in an infested house. Children should be protected in their cribs or beds. To prevent the bark scorpion from climbing up place the crib/bed legs in glass jars. To keep the Scorpions from coming up into the crib/bed sideways move the crib away from the wall and be sure that the blankets and sheets do not touch the floor or walls. To prevent Scorpions from dropping in you need to install a scorpion Shield. Hang a piece of flat plastic or other flat smooth board that is bigger than the size of the crib several inches from the ceiling. Place double-sided sticky tape around the inside of the board. Scorpions will then fall onto the board and get stuck rather than fall into the crib or bed. Check the crib and bed in advance of putting the child to bed.

    Shake out all clothing and shoes before putting them on the child.

    Have the child wear shoes at all times and be especially careful around hot tubs and pools at night.

    Teach the child not to pick up bugs in or around the house.

    All of the above precautions also can apply to adults.