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  • General Pest Control

  • Our general pest control service starts with an initial inside treatment to eliminate the pests from the inside of the home. Inside services may be necessary more than once but generally if we eliminate the pests from inside and establish a perimeter/barrier treatment on the outside, inside treatments are no longer necessary.

    We then dewebb the property and identify pest harboring areas and special concerns on the outside of the home. Once these pest harboring areas and special concerns are identified we begin our treatment. Our regular treatment generally includes spraying the perimeter of the home and the block fence/property border (if applicable). We use a broad-spectrum pest control insecticide that helps control the following:

    • Ants • Aphids • Armyworm • Azalea caterpillar • Bagworm • Bed bugs • Bees • Beetle • Black turfgrass ataenius • Black vine weevil • Bluegrass billbug • Boxelder bugs • Broadmite • Brown soft scale • Budworm • California oakworm • California red scale (crawler) • Cankerworm • Carpenter bees • Carpet beetles • Centipede • Chiggers • Chinch bug • Cigarette beetles • Clover mite • Cluster flies • Cockroaches • Confused flour beetles • Crickets • Cutworm • Earwigs • Eastern tent caterpillar • Elm leaf beetles • European sawfly • Fall webworm • Firebrats • Flea beetle • Fleas • Flies • Forest tent caterpillar • Grasshopper • Grubs • Gypsy moth larvae • Hyperodes weevil • Japanese beetle • June beetle • Lace bugs • Leaf skeletonizer • Leaf-feeding caterpillar • Leafhopper • Leafminer • Leafrollers • Lesser grain borer • Litter beetles • Mealybug • Midges • Millipede • Mites • Mole cricket • Mosquito • Oleander moth larvae • Parasitic Wasp • Pillbug • Pine sawfly • Pine shoot beetle • Pineneedlescale (crawler) • Pinetip moth • Plant bug • Red flour beetles • Rice weevil • Root weevil • Sawfly • Saw-toothed grain beetles • Scale insect (crawler) • Scorpions • Silverfish • Sowbugs • Spider • Spider mite • Spider Mite, (two-spotted spruce) • Spittlebug • Striped flea beetle • Striped oakworm • Termites • Termites, (above ground only) • Thrips • Tick • Tip moth • Tussock moth larvae • Wasps • Webworm, sod • Whiteflies

    This helps to create a perimeter/barrier on the outside of the home  to keep pests from entering into the home.

    The broad-spectrum pest control insecticides we use are pyrethroids which were ultimately derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. A pyrethroid is an organic compound similar to the natural pyrethrins produced by the flowers of pyrethrums (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and C. coccineum). Pyrethroids now constitute the majority of commercial household insecticides. Pyrethroids are essentially chemically stabilized forms of natural pyrethrum. Pyrethroids work by interfering with sodium transport in insect nerve cells thereby paralyzing them. The broad-spectrum pest control insecticides we use are human and pet safe when dry. They have virtually no odor or staining, and have no harmful effects on earthworms, soil processes, or soil microorganisms when used correctly.

    We then follow up with regularly scheduled services whether Quarterly, Every Two Months, or Monthly, to help control pests and make pest sightings a rarity.