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  • Birds, especially pigeons can reduce your home value and can also carry diseases. Pigeon droppings contain an acidic component that is highly corrosive. One pigeon can put out 25 lbs of feces a year. One pigeon will also defecate 47-51 times per day on average. Red Rock Pest control is a strong advocate of humane bird control techniques. Most often, getting rid of pigeons requires and integrated approach or using several strategies together.

    The installation of spikes, netting or slides can deter birds from landing and roosting. This would be a strategy we call,” building them out”.

    Live traps are a highly recommended control strategy. Bob traps are the trap of choice in most situations. Attracted by bait (wheat, cracked corn), the birds are lured through a one-way door. Once inside they are taken far far away and released.

    Pigeon repellents  can disturb roosting areas and make them inhospitable. They do not harm the birds. Repellents come in gel or liquid form and cause a sticky or hot sensation (capsaicin from hot peppers) that the birds do not like. This makes them move on to find another place to roost.

    By using these bird control methods  (as well as cleaning and disinfecting after these intruders) Red Rock Pest Control is here to help get your home looking good again and rid you from these damaging pests.